About me

I was around six years old, when this thought firstly came into my mind: “Human abilities are unlimited and everyone can learn/achieve anything; the purpose of every person is to develop her own abilities to a maximum”. I didn’t change my mind over time. However, while observing my life and that of others, I understood that some people uncover their talents and achieve high results, while others do not.

In the same period I came to a belief, that a person creates his or her own happiness and every problem has a solution. I wanted to understand why most people are still not living the life they wanted to have and suffer from problems, diseases and the trifles of life. I wanted to find a receipe for becoming a happy person – strong, healthy, the one who has discovered the beauty, strength and vividness of his inborn potential.

I became a psychologist in order to understand people and help them in solving the problems they are encountering with. At the end of my Bachelor’s studies, I have had an understanding of what makes up our feeling of happiness, what are the different levels of this feeling and how to reach it.

A year of learning from the professors of Wroclaw University (Poland) introduced me into a range of new areas in psychological research. That helped me to understand the influence of psyche on the body. I realized, that a person is a system, where psychological and physical components are inseparably connected.

Trying to understand how to develop the inborn abilities of one to a maximum, I came across the Master’s Program “Psychology of Excellence in Business and Education” (Munich, Germany). Studying on this program and getting acquainted with the research in the field has strengthened my belief, that there is a certain path that leads to the development of individual talents. And every person can proceed along this path. Work at the Counselling Center for Gifted Children allowed me to see the problems, that may rise on this path, and the options to solve them.

At the same time, my personality was being formed. I had an image of an optimal state – physical, emotional, spiritual – that I wanted to reach, and was looking for and trying out different methods of achieving it. It required gathering and integrating knowledge from different fields and deliberate practice. The path of self-development never ends, but at the present moment, I have achieved the goals I had set before. And I have a feeling, it is the time to share the experience and knowledge stored and tested while walking my path. To help people who are striving for finding themselves, fulfiling themselves, making their life full of meaning and happiness. The people, striving for becoming true Selves.

Welcome to your new life.